Nov 24, 2016

masa untuk melangkah lebih ke hadapan.
dalam proses memadam segala yang berkaitan alam universiti.
untuk menghadam zaman kerjaya dan zaman saorang mak pula :)

Aug 11, 2016

27 you are now!

27 years since mak gave birth to me after few false alarm,
which always makes me laugh when mak told me the reason of it.
it's cempedak and nangka!
and no wonder i am so into those fruits.

3 more years, and I am reaching 30.
how fast life could be, then?

how I must treasure everything, including families, love of my life, future kids, friends, work and all that surrounds me?
appreciate the joys, the ups and downs of life.
to always look on the bright side.

Alhamdulillah for the greatest gifts of my life dear Allah,
I could never ask for more.
syukur :)

Jul 19, 2016


so there's tears,
when i can listen to that sound which sounded exactly like him.
knowing i didn't have a chance to listen on the first one.
wish you were here, to listen as well - the greatest gift He send us :)