Jun 5, 2018

today is his birthday.
reaching 75.
called him and wishes his happy birthday.
he laughed, and with his deep voice he said - is it really my birthday today?
and i can sense how he did meant his word.
teary eyes as i am, i did some jokes and wishes him well - also mentioned do not smoke, okay?
he said yes.
and that is how a father-daughter morning tele-conversation goes.

note :

i recorded our short conversation, and listened to it when i was in the office.
my heart literally ached. i write this down, so one day when i read it back again - it will freshen my memories and remembered this is the man that loves me most. dalam garang ada sayangnya.

Jun 4, 2018

hari ini, anak mak jadi rurouni kenshin.
ada parut kesan dicakar kawan di pipi.

serba salah cikgu taska.

tapi... mak cuma fikir satu je nak...
macam mana lah kamu cakar kawan kamu tu pulak adoi!

mood : tepuk dahi.

May 14, 2018

today, i have shredded all the documents related.
wipe away the memories on hand, but never in mind.

you were the first who taught me how joyful it is becoming a mum :)